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Spending time in the same household and watching your mother care for your brother or sister is all it takes.

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This is all subconscious, of course, reported the researchers, who worked with Debra Lieberman of the University of Hawaii. And it works regardless of your beliefs -- who you are told who your siblings are," she said. Cosmides and her colleagues tested volunteers, asking them all sorts of questions jumbled together so they would not know what was being studied. We asked if this sibling needed a kidney, how likely would you be to donate this sibling a kidney. This seems to operate non-consciously," Cosmides said.

Especially strong was the effect of watching one's mother care for a younger child.

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Women are especially sensitive to this, added Cosmides, a cognitive psychologist. The study contradicts the teachings of Sigmund Freud, who described Oedipal urges and conflicts, Cosmides said. For them it is quite reasonable that they have an attraction to their mothers.

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I had a friend no lie who was sleeping with his mother's sister. When I asked him why he was doing it, he said 'what's wrong with it?

Who actually writes horoscopes - and do you believe them? - BBC Three

Go figure. We welcome your comments on this story.

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  6. Comments are submitted for possible publication on the condition that they may be edited. Please provide your full name. In a panicked ecstasy to learn more, the teachings from the zodiac began to govern my life. After school, my train journeys were occupied with the consumption of daily horoscopes in the mX. I clung to abstract reaffirmations. I embraced labels which had been bestowed by the stars, wilfully blind to their contradictions: extroverted yet shy, temperamental yet emotionally stable.

    This was me. Horoscopes became my guilty pleasure, exerting a unique explanatory power on my life as they have done for so many others. To astrologists and horoscope readers, the claim of astrology is simple and uncontroversial: there is a meaningful impact on the substratum of human affairs by celestial events. According to Gallup polls undertaken in Britain, Canada and the US until , up to a quarter of people believed in horoscopes.

    Dynamic Astrology

    Through it all, dedicated horoscope sections have secured their place as a familiar feature of national and global tabloids. This is surprising because it subverts the established archetype of the increasingly secular and rational millennial. If you have ever read a horoscope, you will likely have come across the renowned work of the late Jonathan Cainer. A high school dropout, Jonathan worked odd jobs as a petrol pump attendant and at a school nursery, before enrolling at the now nearly year old sandstone institution, the Faculty of Astrological Studies FAS.

    Why so many intelligent, educated women are obsessed with reading horoscopes

    The college currently enrols more than 10, students from 90 countries and awards certificates, diplomas and even Ph. Testimonials on the FAS website depict a range of reasons for studying astrology but each is joined by a golden thread: an interest in the metaphysical, mystical and human liberation. He was without qualifications and undoubtedly bored of working in his most recent job in a factory.

    Jonathan was also interested in introspectivity, so when he was shown a birth chart which accurately summarised his personality, he was hooked.

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    After his world-class education, Jonathan ultimately came to accrue an astrological fortune and created an empire in his name. The scale of this audience demanded that when Jonathan passed away in , the enormous and prodigal weight of interpreting the stars be inherited. I interpreted it as a subtle allusion to the rigidity in my life. After all, here I was, in the third year of a five year degree, still feeling post-break blues. My imagination was ignited by the thought of leaving the timetable-grind behind and pursuing some romantic odyssey in Europe, away from Taste baguettes and Campos coffee.