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This weekend day is ruled by Saturn symbolizing construction and promotion. It reflects upon the careful nature of Capricorn people and the catchy flow of this day. People born on January 2 benefit from being rational, down to earth and disciplined. Just like a true Capricorn, they are romantic and conscientious.

They love to unravel the ideas behind art and philosophy. They dislike being let down or having to postpone their plans. Those born under this sign enjoy settings where they can work with well defined tasks and stick to something already decided. Positive traits: These natives are active, witty and fun to be around but at the same time they are very disciplined and hard working when the situation asks for it.

They are calm and composed and patient when they want something and understand that there is work behind everything they want. They are resourceful and can be quite relentless in trying to solve a problem that occurred, be it theirs or someone else's. Negative traits: Learning to take more speculations and enjoy life more is one thing Capricorn needs to do. Those born on this day are sometimes controlling and skeptical with the persons they don't have faith in.

They are rarely impulsive, but when they do they act in a very erratic way. They are sometimes devious and little minded. Lovers born on January 2 are romantic and trustworthy. They are attracted to people that are sensible and reliable just like them but also to emotional people with whom they can offer support and guidance.

Daily Horoscope ~ January 2, 2019 ~ Starry Alignment Astrology

You can conquer the heart of Capricorn if you are as trustworthy and affectionate as they are. This single native is completely focusing energy on their personal development and is in no way in a hurry to enter a relationship if they don't feel it's the right thing to do. When someone catches their attention they are a loyal lover. They like to progress slowly in love, get to know all about their loved one.

Sometimes they seem contented with their unrequited love. They are most compatible with those born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 29th. January 2 Zodiac people are most attracted to the other earth signs: Taurus and Virgo as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Capricorn is permanently seeking for an attractive and sensible lover and the best to offer them this is the native born under Cancer. The lover in Capricorn is said to be least compatible with Sagittarius.

As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Capricorn, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Brown or maroon, whatever mentioned, this color suggests the love for stability and conventional of the native in Capricorn who prefers not to jump the safety barriers. The birthstone for Capricorn zodiac is the energizing Garnet. This material is said to channel energy and awareness towards Capricorn.

Daily Horoscope January 2, for 12 Zodiac Signs

Garnet also symbolizes true nature and friendship. Other gemstones that are considered beneficial for people born on January 2 are Sapphire and Topaz.

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This is a flower of royalty, being used in ancient Greece ceremonies. It influences the passion and drive to succeed. Carnation also suggests fascination and sensuality. Silver is a malleable precious material known to sooth and influence Capricorn towards introspection and pondering on the deeper questions of life.

Those born on January 2 are great at leading, motivating and giving advice to other people. They sometimes have a hard time understanding their own emotional nature but they do have the patience to learn and can listen to others. They are also very good at managing large amounts of money. Their health is quite strong but since Capricorn is said to rule the bones and joints, they are prone to accidents and minor injuries of these parts of the body. At which of the four do you consider those belonging to January 2 are most successful?

You can answer this poll and see what others think:. This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Venus. This is representative for people who are affectionate and realistic just like Capricorn and attractive and passionate just like Venus. This period is said to temper the characteristics of the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Being born on the 2nd day of the month shows these people are highly perceptive and have a personal mission to accomplish. The numerology for January 2 is 2. This number reveals balance and partnerships. It is the representative number for the desire of harmony and peace. Those Capricorn associated with this numerology can become great mediators and with age they will only turn wiser, gentler and incredibly more considerate to other people. January is the second winter month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing the novelty of a New Year beginning.

Those born in January are witty and organized.

Your Daily Horoscope For January 2, 12222

January 2 Zodiac people are ambitious and hardworking. The symbols for January include Garnet and Onyx as gemstones, Carnation as a plant and the Roman god of openings and closure. In the Gregorian Calendar, January 2 appears as the 2nd day of the year and there can be either days left until the end of the year or days in case of leap years. Even if you've been flying under the radar, suddenly you're magnanimous and dazzling.

You've always been that way inside, but now the universe seems to have taken notice too! Be sure to stay connected, with yourself as well as with the people and projects that matter to you most. This is where you truly shine. If you let the love and power flow through you, there's nothing you can't accomplish. Ride this wave of energy wherever you want to go, and be grateful for its blessings.

How cool is it to be stuck in a rut? OK, maybe that's unfair. Maybe your life is exactly the way you want it.

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  6. Not many people reach that level so you can feel proud. But that doesn't mean you can freeze the rest of the world to fit into your perfect moment, so stop nitpicking at the new and unusual. Don't keep taking shots at the people who want to change things. Instead, you might want to add a little variety to your life today.

    The moon enters Sagittarius today.

    Who knows? Soon you could be embracing the very changes you once mocked. Perhaps you had the perfect workout at the gym or a moment of nirvana in yoga class. Were you visiting your guru or discovering the world's best cup of coffee? Maybe it's some or all of the above, or maybe it's just a perfect alignment in the body-mind-universe cycle. As long as you get that it can't be forever, you'll be able to go far today. If you're totally at ease with your inner world, start rebuilding your reputation.

    People like it when you're like this. You enjoy delving deeply into a subject, project or relationship as it allows you to gain an intimate understanding of the object of your attention. But that intense focus all too easily can turn into obsession, which limits your scope.

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    For now, try peeling back the walls of your tunnel vision. You need the big picture today, not an interior or micro-scale view. Once you pull out to the broader view, you'll find there's a whole lot to see and take in -- so much that you won't have to act for a while. Don't just sit there. Don't hang around like a flag waiting for a breeze. You're way too vital to let yourself get that boring. Anyway, don't you have some loose ends to tie up? Isn't there an empire somewhere you should be building? Stay generous with your energy and hope for a feedback loop.

    Make everyone your friend today so that you'll get back some of what you're putting out. Set these people on fire with your vision and intellect. Once they see just how cool you are, they'll be knocking on your door and filling your inbox. When you're ticking items off your agenda, consider which of your many versatile skills you'll really need, and which you can table. There's a lot to be said for conserving energy whenever possible. Today won't really demand much of you.

    Instead of throwing your energy into every project and relationship in your life, why not save your more impressive displays for more interesting times? Take care of business and enjoy some downtime. Then you'll be ready to pull out all the stops when it counts. You're in a changeable mood.

    Up is down, in is out, and at any moment you might come out of your closet wearing a totally different outfit.

    Astrolology Today

    Your answers run from 'why not? Luckily, others seem to tolerate your idiosyncrasies. See if they'll actually follow you today, and whether it's out of curiosity or maybe even loyalty. And maybe, before it's all over, you could even have them worshipping at your feet. That would be a nice little extra if you could manage it. The way things are going now, this could be a restless day.